Monday, July 21, 2014


What is love? Since time immemorial it has intrigued and mystified lovers and philosophers alike. It has regularly driven them to delve deep into its countless alluring facets with the hope of seeking truth. Yet, there still is, as ever, a scope to further explore and get inspired by the entrancing phenomenon of love!

Contrary to conventional wisdom, love, as I see it, is not quite synonymous with attraction and attachment. In fact, I consider them too frivolous to indicate love. Attraction is like a mirage that unveils reality only gradually. It draws us closer to someone and gives an insight into their virtues as well as vices. Attraction is a momentary feeling and its influence is short-lived. In contrast, love is of permanent nature. It’s a result of deep reverence.

Likewise, attachment is inherently restrictive in that it keeps us bounded and involved. Roused by desire and impelled by obsession, attachment can even result in discrimination. Religious extremism is the perfect testimony of such a condition. Love on the other hand dissolves dogmas and liberates us from unnecessary possessiveness. It’s a feeling of euphoria in which feverishness is grounded and ecstasy sores sky-high.

Having the privilege to experience love in its true sense is considered a rare delight. It will remain rare until we detest our own suspicions and doubts. The one conscious step that can perhaps alter this state is accepting the fact that love is omnipresent. That’s when love will be nothing short of magic.

Needless to say, love can never be fully expressed in words. But when you experience it, you know that it has set you free!

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